Commissions - open

Hi, I’m Kristina from Croatia. I’m a freelance digital anime/manga artist. Feel free to let me know if you are interested in commissioning me.

Thanks for visiting ///o///

General info

▫️Personal use means the drawing won't generate to you any kind of profit, and is something you wish to have for personal enjoyment.

▫️You’ll receive your commission in PNG format.

▫️Commissioner can request WIP of the digital lineart and coloring process only.
The commissioner will receive a 3D model version for the pose before I start drawing. That way it’s easier for me to change things up if needed.

▫️Once the picture is finished, small changes like color adjustments / adding small details (or fixing mistakes) could be done for free.

▫️I don’t do any large changes (e.g., clothing changes, pose, setting).
Please ensure the initial description is accurate.

▫️Artistic freedom is greatly appreciated.
▫️All illustrations will be done digitally. There will not be any physical product involved.
▫️I’m not liable for keeping the finished commission. It is your own responsibility to save the file to a secure place.

▫️If you don’t own a deviantart account or Instagram, you can contact me through [email protected]


▫️I accept PayPal and Deviantart points

▫️PayPal; make sure to check the no shipping required box!
pay via goods and services (this is to protect my account from being closed due to PayPal’s ToS)

▫️I accept Deviantart Points ONLY per commission widgets and NOT sent per donations or as a gift. Commission widgets generate real money through a two week period. (100 points equal 1USD)

▫️Commission won’t be started until it’s fully paid or paid 50% of the total price.
(For the first half of the payment, you receive a digital lineart version of your commission. When you pay for the other half, I finish it.)

▫️No refunds are offered.
▫️Commission styles and prices are subject to change at any time without prior notice.
▫️If you send me money without my consent, I will refund you immediately and refuse your commission.

Extra cost

▫️ Character design
-if you don’t have a character reference and only a few pictures or only text to describe it, it might count as design creation.

*If is a custom character design must add:
Colors you would like:
Style of clothes that you imagine for the character:
Images (can be from Google, Pinterest, Instagram) for references of clothes:
Kemonomimi?(i.e.: cat ears)
Notes:(if you want add more info, like color of eyes, color of hair, put it here)

▫️ Background
-price range depends on the complexity of the background, so it may add extra cost.

▫️ Private artwork or withholding the artist from posting may cost extra, additional 20USD.

▫️ Add variations
(NSFW base, additional outfit, alternate facial expression while keeping the same pose in the illustration) +15-30USD for each option

▫️ NSFW Content: additional 15USD

Do’s and don’ts


> Any type of couples ( OCxCANON ) ( OCxOC ) ( CANONxCANON )
> Blood (soft version)
> Weapons
> Animals/ Monsters
> Armors if not too complicated and given enough reference images
> Soft and Hardcore 18+ pictures (Bondage/ Hentai/ Sex scenes)
> Hetero and Homo couples


> Hardcore Foot fetish pictures (only soft versions with no licking and such)
> Offensive and racist message

HOW TO ORDER? (Fill out the form)

▫️Payment (Deviantart points or PayPal):
▫️Paypal e-mail:
▫️Personal or Commercial use:
▫️Drawing Style:
▫️Length (Fullbody/Halfbody/Waist up/Bust):
▫️Character name:
▫️Character personality traits: (+ likes/dislikes)
▫️Image References/Samples of your character/s:
▫️Image References for the pose and background:
▫️Who did the original design? (yourself, was adopted, etc)
▫️Background (if yes; simple or detailed):
▫️I agree to your Terms of Service (yes or no):

▫️Don’t write long descriptions or backstories about your commission request. Keep it fairly short and up to the point. (English is not my first language).

▫️I’m working better with images for references.


▫️Each commission take about 2-3 weeks to be finished
(depends on how long the list is)
▫️I do accept deadlines, but it adds an extra cost. (If you have a deadline for the commission, please tell me beforehand and we’ll discuss more about the additional ‘rushing fee’ cost)

*Rushing fees
▫️Fast: your commission will be started by the next week for a 40% extra of the final price.
▫️Super fast: Your commission will be done for the next 2-3 days for a 80% extra on the final price.

Permission To use

▫️You can post your commission on other non ad-supported websites, credits are appreciated however not necessary in this situation. (Instagram, Twitter, Deviantart, Pixiv, Artstation, Tumblr)
▫️No claiming the artwork as your own
▫️Don’t remove any part of my signature from artwork
▫️I still maintain the right to use/upload commissioned artwork to promote my art

commercial use

Any use from which you will generate profit, real or online money of any form.
(promotional material, CD cover, game assets, body pillow, postcard, merchandise...etc.).
Additional +100USD

*Does YouTube assets (banner, avatar, using art in videos) count as commercial?
Yes, same for Patreon and any ad-supported sites.



◽️ Macrossidols/ @Deviantart - 2 Halfbodies; Cel shading illustration + simple bg commission (not started/ first half paid)

◽️ Mythgital-creatures/ @Deviantart - 2 Waist ups; Cel shading illustration + simple bg (not started)

▫️Free slot
▫️Free slot

Digital illustration - style 1

◽️TYPE A - ‘Full colored’
(examples shown down below)

*CEL SHADING OR PAINTERLY (both have the same price)
▫️Fullbody 90USD | Halfbody 80USD| Waist up 70USD| Headshot 60USD

◽️TYPE B - ‘Flat colors’ (just basic colors and no shading)
(No examples yet, new style added)

▫️Fullbody 75USD | Halfbody 65USD | Waist up 55USD | Headshot 45USD

▫️Additional character: double the price
▫️Simple background +30USD
▫️Detailed background +130USD
(price range depends on the complexity of the background, so it may add extra cost)

▫️NSFW content: +15USD
▫️Commercial use: +100USD
▫️Private artwork: +20USD





*Price may increase depending on how much detailed the character design is. (accessories, wings, clothing patterns, weapons, horns, pets...etc.)

Sketch - style 2

▫️Fullbody 65USD | Halfbody 60USD | Waist up 55USD | Headshot 50USD
▫️Simple background +20USD
▫️Detailed background +100USD
(price range depends on the complexity of the background, so it may add extra cost)

▫️Additional character: double the price
▫️NSFW content: +15USD
▫️Commercial use: +100USD
▫️Private artwork: +20USD


*Price may increase depending on how much detailed the character design is. (accessories, wings, clothing patterns, weapons, horns, pets...etc.)

Manga page - style 3

A page can have maximum 6 panels.

Price range depends on the complexity and the amount of panels per page, character design, amount of characters per panel/page, if backgrouds are included (simple or detailed), depends if characters are a fullbody/ half body/ waist ups or headshots etc.
▫️black & white style (estimated from 100USD - 500USD)
▫️colored costs extra


Reference sheet - style 4

Base price : 230USD

▫️Includes two fullbodies (front side and back side), short bio (provided by you) and base color palette.

*Price may increase depending on how much detailed you need the reference to be, such as adding clothes details, side view, expression chart etc.
(accessories, wings, clothing patterns, weapons, horns, pets...etc.)


NSFW (Not safe for work)

Showing you some of the my examples.


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions left for me or if you plan to commission me.

Thank you

Have a nice day!